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Enjoy small batch Alameda Soda from the best craft soda company you've come to love.

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Origins of a New Soda

Our sodas are more than just drinks; they're a journey to special and distinctive places right within the area where they are crafted. From an old airplane hangar in Alameda, a revolution in soda crafting began. This was the birthplace of Hangar 25 - a unique, tantalizing cola, handcrafted to redefine your perception of soda. This old hangar became a hub of creativity and innovation, where traditional soda crafting techniques met modern, all-natural ingredients.

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Small Batch craft soda from alameda, calif.

Enjoy a guilt-free experience that doesn't compromise on taste and quality, while also supporting your community and small-scale craft production. ​ Alameda Sodas have been handcrafted with you in mind - offering a discerning and all-natural alternative to traditional mainstream sodas without sacrificing taste.

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Love our craft soda or it's on us! If the taste experience doesn't hit the spot, claim your 100% money-back guarantee - no fuss, no questions, just reach out.

Classic Flavors.
Unique Places.
Memorable Moments.

Each flavor is named after remarkable locations, and we did that because we genuinely believe that when you savor our sodas, they should be experienced in a setting you adore, surrounded by the people you cherish.


By joining these flavors and names, we aim to create lasting memories of the places you hold dear, shared with the people who mean the world to you.


Your Favorite Craft Soda, Now a Subscription Away

A subscription for a delightful mix of delicious soda flavors, perfect carbonation, and top-notch natural ingredients. Bring the talk-of-the-town home by joining the Alameda Soda Home Delivery Program today!


In a world where soda has lost its way, drowning in a sea of additives and excessive sugar, we embarked on a mission to redefine what soda should truly be. We set out to create a beverage that would transport you back to the simple joys and sweet memories of childhood—a soda that doesn't compromise on flavor, but also doesn't compromise your well-being.


 Get ready to rediscover the magic of soda, transformed and revitalized for a new era.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alameda Soda only available by delivery? Will it be in stores near me?

Not Yet. But, not only can you have our sodas delivered to you, but you will begin to see our sodas available in cans at all the places you go to enjoy our soda now. They will be available to-go and on for when you have food delivered. However, by 2024 , its our hope that you should start to see our sodas in your local marketplace.

Can I get syrup to take home for my Soda Steam?

Coming soon! On our site, we will have syrup packages that you can buy right here online, and use them with your soda making machine or sodastream. We also will have a subscription service that will include Soda Stream CO2 Cylinder exchange service by mail. More to come!

What makes these sodas All-Natural?

The FDA states that if a food product is labeled as “natural”, nothing artificial, such as artificial food coloring, or has been added to it. Our sodas have no added colors and no artificial flavors.

Do you sell your soda in Bag In The Box for fountain machines?

Yes, we do! We actually started out only producing Bag In The Box for Fountain Machines. There are two ways to order our Bag In The Box.

  1. If you are in our service area, you can start a commercial account with Brix Beverage. We are distributed through Brix Beverage. Brix delivers our sodas as well as food grade gasses like Co2 and Nitrogen for the foodservice industry. They can set you up with a machine and service. For more information, visit
  2. Online through our wholesale store. You can purchase our Bag In The Box through this website. Please click on wholesale or business account on the top of this screen.

We do offer equipment leasing and sales programs as well as marketing materials for your soda machine. If you want to buy or lease a soda machine, or if you already have a soda machine and you just need graphics and decals for it-- you can get them right here.

Do you deliver through wholesalers and direct for B2B?

While we only offer wholesale to the greater bay area of California, we are currently working with many foodservice distributors such as Sysco, UNFI, and US Foods for distribution regionally and nationally. please check back with us here or subscribe to our business direct notifications.

For Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

Alameda Soda Company's wholesale options

Tired of the same generic beverages bringing down your beverage menu? Looking for something unique, delicious, and authentically local?

Boost Your Business with Unique, Refreshing Flavors Crafted from Locally Sourced Ingredients. Experience the Difference Today!

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