The Alameda Soda story is your story

With 1,000+ conversations we've had with craft beverage purveyors, we think we get it. We understand the frustration of feeling handcuffed to Big Soda for fountain. The pains of poor service, late deliveries and a take-it-or-leave-it attitude based on your volume of sales.


We've given over 600 Bay Area independent bars, restaurants and tech cafes a new choice.


We're proud of our light footprint and our ability to offer you a local craft beverage for your establishment. Much love.

ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 4: Alameda Soda Co. Chief Financial Officer and cofounder Anthony Sloan, left, Marketing Director Alberto Silva, and Chief Executive Officer and cofounder Sky Pace pose for a photo atop their vintage truck at their warehouse in Alameda, Calif., on Friday, March 4, 2002. (Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group)

We embarked on a mission to create a soda that would be better for you

but along the way, we realized that what we were trying to make didn't capture the essence of what we loved about soda. The thing we cherished most about soda was the memories it created—the pure, sweet taste with simple ingredients. As we grew older, we recognized that too much sugar isn't healthy, but the nostalgia for that simple sweetness remained unchanged.


We came to a realization: it wasn't us who had changed so much; it was soda itself that had transformed. Over the years, countless ingredients were added, altering its original charm. Instead of trying to turn it into something it never was—completely good for you—we decided to bring it back to its roots. The problem with soda today lies in the myriads of ingredients that have been introduced.

Keep it special...

We want you to savor our soda as something exceptional, something to be cherished and relished.